Applications Rearchitected in AWS to Automate Security Triggers

Effectual led a Federal Government client in their journey from on-premises to AWS by extending their data center into the cloud and rearchitecting their applications.

Effectual provided guidance in the following areas

  • Implementing Automation for the client.
  • Creating a new AWS infrastructure and environment.
  • Updating and retooling current applications.
  • Building the solution as a receiver and retooling specific applications to function in the new environment.
  • Interpreting and providing additional information and understanding of features that are new and being developed as it pertains to their issues.

Our Team Leveraged the following technologies

  • AWS CloudFormation templates were created for DevOps
  • Organizations and AWS Config for management of the system
  • AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch were utilized for automating security recommendations
  • Amazon CloudWatch was programmed to alert the client if changes were made in their system. The response would trigger the system to return to original configurations and alert security to these changes.
  • AWS infrastructure resources, EC2 instances and RDS database infrastructures

The Benefits

Migration to the Cloud

We rebuilt client applications in the AWS Cloud to connect to their on-premises data. This made their applications more accessible by all and created a working hybrid environment for their data.

Security Improvements

We deployed AWS infrastructure services, including Amazon CloudWatch to monitor resources and trigger responses to changes in the environment.

Management of Resources

The services in AWS monitor both on-premises and AWS cloud environments. The time to build components in the environment was significantly reduced and instances were saved as a template for repeatability.

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