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Effectual holds a strategic partnership with Snowflake for data warehouse migrations, data validation, and automation solutions

Effectual partnered with Snowflake to help customers adopt modern data solutions built for the cloud. Snowflake’s cloud-based platform provides customers with a highly scalable data warehouse that can simplify data storage, processing, and analysis. Working with Effectual also helps customers confidently adopt Snowflake and integrate third-party tools to accelerate business outcomes and ROI.

Effectual is your ideal partner for modern data solutions. Our team has helped customers execute mission-critical migrations and modernize their data practices to draw actionable business insights.


Database Modernization

Effectual can assess on-premises Oracle and Teradata data warehouses to identify optimal migration and modernization strategies. This includes evaluating data models, stored procedures, ETL scripts, and third-party dependencies along with each customer’s operational requirements. Effectual can also provide ongoing engineering support to ensure customers are confident in their Snowflake implementation.

Secure Collaboration

With the appropriate security controls in place, Snowflake allows users to collaborate and share data in real-time, without the need to replicate or move data. This functionality can also extend beyond individual users, making it possible to share data across entire business units or other organizations. Third-party data sets can also be integrated, further enriching analytics and the value of identified business insights.

Governance and Security

Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data requires complex role-based access controls (RBAC) to ensure users can only access specific data. Effectual helps customers define and implement data management and tagging strategies and repeatable Infrastructure as Code (IaC) modules to streamline access management using Snowflake’s robust security and encryption capabilities.


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Optimize your Snowflake spend with AWS Glue

Snowflake’s innovative data warehouse solution has revolutionized the enterprise data landscape, empowering customers to monetize their data. However, as large volumes of data are ingested, the escalating costs from data processing and transformation are causing enterprises to seek ways to control the costs of their Snowflake environment without disrupting functionality. With this increased focus on cost optimization, AWS Glue has emerged as an ideal complement to Snowflake, preserving its benefits while offering more cost-efficient ETL capabilities.


Strategic partner for innovative data solutions

Accelerating business outcomes with Effectual and Snowflake

Rapid POC Deployment

Templated infrastructure deployment blueprints allow customers to rapidly provision production-ready Snowflake on AWS.


Automated data quality and validation framework using pre-built IaC modules to accelerate pipeline creation and migration.

Developer Retention and Efficiency

Utilizing standard, repeatable blueprint deployments can save an estimated 76 hours in provisioning work.

Effectual Public Sector Data Solutions

Effectual Public Sector Inc. has extensive experience designing compliant solutions for public sector organizations, driving modernization efforts and innovation.

Compliance Acceleration

Regulatory requirements can be difficult to meet and maintain without an appropriate understanding of regulatory requirements and the technologies that could impact compliance. Effectual can help accelerate CMMC, FISMA, and FedRAMP compliance efforts by providing security tool integration, documentation and audit support, and guidance on properly implementing Snowflake and native AWS controls.

Governance Acceleration

A Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) is critical to driving effective cloud adoption and ensuring proper governance processes are in place. Effectual can help implement a CCoE  and develop guardrails and processes to incorporate contract, finance, and security compliance in Cloud Authorization decisions.

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