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January 2023

About Great HealthWorks

As one of the largest vertically integrated direct-to-consumer powerhouses in the United States, Great HealthWorks (GHW) is dedicated to delivering quality health and wellness products.

The company’s cornerstone product, OmegaXL, has been marketed to millions of consumers worldwide as a patented all-natural product providing relief from pain due to inflammation. With over 30 years of clinical studies supporting the benefits of OmegaXL, the company’s marketing campaigns have consistently ranked in the Top 5 of IMS-rated shows because Omega XL works.

With corporate headquarters and distribution center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, GHW’s “All Under One Roof” approach has fast become the preferred choice to launch new products in the Direct Response channel.

The Challenge

Great HealthWorks had been migrating workloads over time to AWS in support of their cloud strategy. As happens with many cloud projects, simplicity and ease of deployment weren’t always supported with a good governance model. The result was cloud infrastructure sprawl that was over -engineered and overly complicated for their current needs.

They also wanted to simplify their software development process and leverage the latest DevOps methodologies including automated CI/CD pipelines with AWS cloud integration.

Great Healthworks asked EarthNet Consulting, as their trusted advisor, for help in solving their cloud problems. EarthNet recommended Effectual to help with analysis, recommendations, and professional services for Great HealthWorks.

The Solution

Effectual conducted a series of discovery sessions with Great HealthWorks stakeholders to gain an understanding of their infrastructure architecture, operational requirements, and business drivers. The discovery and assessment were informed by a Well -Architected Review that compared the company’s state of workloads and business practices against the latest AWS architectural best practices to pinpoint potential areas of improvement.

Some of the recommendations from the Well -Architected Review included improving security posture by identifying underutilized resources and EC2 rightsizing, suggestions for simplifying the overall architecture through workload isolation, and to begin building out pipelines for their Development teams to improve DevOps capabilities and scalability.

As part of the overall solution, Great HealthWorks also took advantage of Effectual’s Modern Cloud Management service to provide 7x24x365 monitoring and support of their AWS environment. This service acts as an extension of their internal team to manage, optimize, and secure their cloud environment with a holistic approach that prioritizes security and compliance.

The result has been a simplification of their environment, reduction of the attack surface for security threats and an improved ability to monitor assets and costs in the cloud for predictable growth.

Future Forward

Great HealthWorks Now Has Infrastructure to Rapidly Scale

We needed expertise in validating our cloud environment and identifying potential gaps in security and compliance. We reached out to our partner EarthNet Consulting. EarthNet Consulting recommended Effectual, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner. Effectual possessed the technical expertise and strategic guidance to assess our environment and assist with remediation. Thanks to EarthNet Consulting and Effectual, we are now confidently positioned to scale our infrastructure seamlessly as our business continues to grow!”

Tim Barker, Chief Information Officer of Great HealthWorks

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