Ensuring Least Privilege Access: Implementing an Active Directory Federation Service

Effectual led the implementation of an enterprise grade Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) for a large Federal Government client.

Effectual enabled reliable and secure cyberspace capability by providing a highly innovative network architecture, engineering, integration, and simulation services with unrivaled expertise and commitment.

The Challenge

The client looked to our team to move its highly disparate environment into a highly collaborative one. By implementing Federated Access to the Amazon Web Services environment, this ensured least privilege access to client users.

The Solution

We worked with the client to setup an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), federated sign-in through Active Directory (AD), and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). This ensured least privilege access to client users.

The Benefits


Our team enabled reliable collaborative connectivity to a cadre of remote workers that needed access to the system while utilizing the ADFS PIV card solution.

Increased Security

We were able to meet all security requirements by using a federated solution, allowing the client to set permissions and access levels across different systems. The Federated solution also improved auditing management of credentials.


We implemented AWS CloudFormation to create a template to use when multiple accounts register in the system. This led to an increase in efficiency and ensures consistent configurations overtime.

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