Serverless Infrastructure Enables Data Access

The Challenge

This Federal Government customer looked to our team to migrate its on-premises infrastructure to a serverless infrastructure on AWS. The client was in need of a centralized data catalog, management solution for users, and data access for environmental issues.

The Solution

We supported the client with a serverless solution that consisted of Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Cognito User Pools, AWS Lambda, and AWS Step Functions. This ensured the customer’s ability to make high-volume, complex data accessible to stakeholders, policymakers, and managers to facilitate data-driven conversations about environmental issues in a secure setting.

The Benefits

Application Performance

Our team implemented API Gateway to handle the tasks involved in accepting and processing up to hundreds of thousands of concurrent API calls to process any surge of traffic on its website.

User Identification

We implemented AWS Cognito User Pools for control over user authentication and user access for the website. This allowed for secure token handling and management of authenticated users from all identity providers.

Cost Optimization

We implemented Lambda functions to run code in a serverless environment and process its large data sets related to environmental issues. The client was able to reduce cost by 80%.

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