Cloud-based Solution Supports Early Warning Alerts for Earthquakes

Effectual delivered a mission-critical solution to a Federal Government Client that ensured the delivery of early warning alert notifications for earthquakes and other natural disasters over multiple geographical locations to save lives.

This could not have been done without a Cloud-based solution to ensure a resilient system.

The Challenge

This Federal Government customer required a move from its on-premises infrastructure to a centralized Cloud environment. The client looked to our team to handle high availability architecture and fault tolerance to meet workloads over multiple geographical locations quickly after a natural disaster. The solution required improved resilience and redundancy capabilities, application performance, and control monitoring.

The Solution

Our team built out a highly available and scalable infrastructure to meet demand in the wake of a disaster. We utilized the customer’s containerized solution and created a pipeline leveraging a GitLab Runner in Amazon Web Services (AWS) to manipulate and manage the AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) deployments. This ensured the client’s ability to deliver early warnings for natural disasters through their application.

The Benefits


Our team configured Amazon CloudWatch metrics to identify a surge in traffic in the event of a disaster. This fully integrated AWS service is built with more resilience. Kubernetes was implemented to provide automated container orchestration and higher availability to reach across multiple regions.

Application Performance

We created a proprietary AWS-hosted Git solution to do all the linking, testing, and delivery to code. Our solution increased the rate at which the client released updates to the solution by 90%.

Control Monitoring

We deployed a GitLab Runner in conjunction with GitLab Continuous Integration to ensure all applications were provisioned through a pipeline. These necessary changes led to extreme version control and expediting developer updates.

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