SaaS Enablement

Develop and deliver secure, scalable SaaS solutions with the AWS Cloud

Secure, Resilient SaaS Solutions

Our Modernization EngineersTM apply the AWS Well-Architected framework to build infrastructure that meets the needs of your SaaS-based workloads without compromising security, reliability, or performance. This ensures your applications can scale rapidly and reliably to meet customer demand, providing an advantage over competitors and new opportunities to capture market share.

Leverage our expertise to architect, build, and manage your AWS environments so you can focus on creating innovative products and features for your customers.

Use Cases for SaaS Enablement:

  • E-commerce
  • Communication platforms
  • Marketing automation
  • Productivity and collaboration tools
  • Customer service platforms
  • Streaming content


SaaS Expertise: Concept to Launch

We develop custom SaaS-based solutions that scale to meet your customer and market demands. From discovery to deployment, our team of certified solutions architects leverage the AWS Cloud to reduce your time-to-market and control costs.

Building business solutions before building code

We have a deep understanding of business concepts and user experience design gained from building hundreds of SaaS solutions for a wide variety of industries and use cases. In our discovery process, we delve into your business requirements, challenge assumptions, explore opportunities, and help you uncover new revenue models for capturing unrealized value from your data.


A focus on customer success

As your partner, we architect solutions for long-term success. Our agile development philosophy provides room to pivot based on your needs and evolving business goals – from emphasizing your profit margins to finding easier entry points for your customers.

Long term management, maintenance, and optimization

Our Modernization EngineersTM are experts in both app development and managed services. We know how to build your SaaS solutions with today’s most advanced cloud data migration & modernization services and we also understand how to maintain, manage, and optimize your applications.

Modern DevOps Approach

Our DevOps approach safeguards your security and ensures continuous compliance using tools and services that leverage automation, microservices, infrastructure as code, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), testing, and monitoring.

Proofs of Concept for minimizing risk and maximizing innovation

Proofs of Concept are powerful tools for vetting new ideas and proving out new approaches. Our team can help you spin up and test concepts deployed on AWS for technical feasibility so you can move into development with confidence in your solution. This applies to companies seeking to validate their offerings as well as government agencies and enterprise organizations looking to solve tough challenges.

Use Cases for SaaS Enablement:

  • Ensure security and compliance
  • Increase agility
  • Meet customer demand
  • Productivity and collaboration tools
  • Expand markets
  • Lower costs

Optimizing the SaaS Experience with Amazon Pinpoint

AWS continues to offer new, innovative services that add value to your SaaS solutions. Amazon Pinpoint allows you to personalize scalable outbound and inbound marketing communications with your customers to increase engagement.

As an Amazon Pinpoint launch partner, we leverage Pinpoint to understand customer journeys and capture valuable user feedback to inform new features and improvements.

  • Deliver highly personalized messages over email, SMS, push, or voice
  • Automate multi-step campaigns to segmented audiences
  • Evaluate your success with delivery and campaign metrics
  • Scale globally to billions of messages per day


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