Unleash the Power of Data and Analytics for Financial Services: Featuring Block’s Transformation Journey

The latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are impossible to ignore, and we’re only beginning to see the global impact these technologies can have on enterprises across all industries. The potential for innovation is practically limitless, but that potential will remain untapped unless organizations are able to properly adopt and integrate these tools within their own systems and processes, and that means not only embracing the cloud, but also investing in robust machine learning operations (MLOps) to ensure scale and optimized cost.

Data, AI, and ML is the Path to Market Leadership in Financial Services

Modern, cloud-enabled enterprises are poised to outmaneuver competitors still relying on the outdated data center operating model, but modernization is about more than just migrating your applications and data to the cloud. Improving cost efficiency and streamlining operations, identifying and capitalizing on new revenue streams, revolutionizing the customer experience (CX) with personalized customer journeys, enhancing security and compliance, and expanding your geographic footprint are all easily within reach if an organization can effectively supercharge their capabilities by using cloud-based data lakehouses, AI, and ML.

Effectual and AWS recently hosted a live webinar focusing on technological advancements in data, analytics, AI, MLOps, and migration best practices that can benefit enterprises in the financial services industry, highlighting how both of our organizations are helping customers succeed through partner-led modernization. We were joined by the Program and Operations Manager from Block Inc. (NYSE:SQ), Erin Dingilian, who shared the benefits and outcomes of their company’s cloud transformation journey, focusing on modernization, MLOps, migration, change management, and the evolution of their organization’s culture.

Success through Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Dingilian was able to share first-hand insights on her company’s business challenges and modernization drivers, which were representative of the challenges and drivers many organizations contend with as part of their digital transformation journeys. Dingilian specifically cited Effectual’s strategic partnership as a key factor to the success of their migration and modernization, with Effectual’s experience and expertise helping to:

  • Support globalization plans thanks to reduced network latency, from minutes to seconds;
  • Drive cost optimization and improve security by implementing standardized best practices, containerization, and infrastructure as code (IaC) modules;
  • Help empower internal teams through training, comprehensive documentation, and a “do-with” approach facilitated by hybrid teams made up of Block and Effectual employees;
  • Support and mature agile methodologies to drive continual improvement; and
  • Improve reporting capabilities by centralizing data, enabling real-time data visibility, and incorporating ML Ops.

You can view the entire webinar on our YouTube page or contact us to learn more about how Effectual can help your organization execute a successful digital transformation.

Unleash the Power of Data and Analytics for Financial Services: Featuring Block’s Transformation Journey
Effectual's work as a strategic partner helped Block achieve a set of valuable wins
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