Amazon DynamoDB

DynamoDB is built for mission-critical workloads, including support for consistency, isolation, and durability for a broad set of applications that require complex business logic.

Unlimited Growth & Scalability

Amazon DynamoDB, a NoSQL key-value database service, offers performance at any scale. Capable of processing over 10 trillion transactions per day, DynamoDB offers unlimited storage with a pay-as-you-consume model. The service is supported by an optimized global cloud network across multiple AWS Regions for low-latency response times and high availability ideal for business intelligence solutions.

Flexible Data Models

Because DynamoDB supports key-value pairs and document storage models, it offers you the flexibility to adapt tables as the requirements for your business use cases change. We work closely with you to understand your business and the access patterns of your application before we begin designing schema. This ensures we model your data efficiently with the highest degree of flexibility.


Amazon Dynamo DB Features

We use DynamoDB in conjunction with Amazon Kinesis and AWS Lambda to create high performing transactional databases with unlimited capacity at optimized costs. With real-time processing and encryption at rest, DynamoDB enables analysis to ensure your data is protected.

Performance at Scale

Build globally distributed applications with virtually unlimited throughput and storage

Low Latency

Backed by a service level agreement for guaranteed availability

Proven Success

Chosen by over 100,000 AWS customers for mobile, web, gaming, ad tech, IoT, and other applications.

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